grow your
own food

Get the right plan for your unique space. From balcony to backyard, we guide you to success.

18,000 +

gardeners being helped

52 +

edible plants supported

20,000 +

hours of research invested

4,600 +

cups of caffeine consumed

Take the guesswork out of growing food

First, your handheld garden expert learns your favorite foods, garden specifications and local weather to better guide you with what to plant, when, and where to plant it.

Then, as your food grows, your personal Garden Manager supports you with proactive notifications and guidance to help your garden thrive.

Grow with confidence

  • Custom garden plan

    1. Spend less time Googling and more time gardening. Garden Manager clearly guides you through creating a plan tailored to you. Highlighting what can grow where, when, and next to which companion plants. Backyard or balcony, Garden Manager helps you easily create a garden ready to thrive!
  • Personalized coaching

    1. Like having a master gardener in your pocket. Garden Manager keeps you on track, reminding you when it’s time to start transplants, thin, harvest and more. Weird weather on its way, or haven’t had enough rain for what you’re growing? No worries, your Garden Manager lets you know and shows you what to do.
  • Clear and to the point training

    1. Unlock easy to follow, step-by-step training videos, eBooks, and checklists in the Garden Manager Academy. Learn about creating and maintaining healthy soil, conquering pests and diseases, plus details on how to grow over 52 vegetables, herbs and greens - all in one spot!
  • Supported by specialists

    1. On a mission to help people grow food, Garden Manager is committed to empowering gardeners of all experience levels. To get more from your garden, get access to live monthly webinars, group coaching sessions, and members only chat forums.
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“I love how it knows what I need to do, so I don’t have to. No research or guessing needed, just gardening.”

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“Totally amazed. I could kill a cactus, yet you helped me grow brussel sprouts on my balcony! Amazing.”

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"So fun! Did you know carrots look like little trees in the ground? I didn’t! Thank you, I love my garden!"

Who is Garden Manager for (and not for)?

If you’re into growing flowers, shrubs, and houseplants, that’s awesome… but sadly, we’re not the right solution for you as we’re all about growing food! Gardens that fill bellies. 😊 If you’d love to grow fresh food at home, but aren’t sure where to start, or how to support your plants to thrive, then you’ll love our custom support system – we make it easy!


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