3 Growing Structures for Collard Plants

Depending on your space, you have some options!
3 Growing Structures for Collard Plants

Whether you have a huge backyard garden or a small apartment balcony, there are different ways you can grow your collard plants!

Container: This is a good option if you want to grow collard on your balcony, or if you don’t have enough space in your garden for conventional growing beds. Just make sure that your containers are big enough and have holes in the bottom for good water drainage.

Raised beds: Raised beds have the advantage of good water drainage and a higher soil temperature since they aren’t directly embedded in the ground. They also make for a more comfortable gardening experience since you don’t have to bend or kneel down too far!

Into the ground: If you’ve got the space and capacity, you can also grow collard directly in the ground. Make sure your soil is nice and fertile, and also evenly watered. Don’t forget to check the area for pre-existing diseases that might harm your crops!

In all three of these options, it’s important to have a crop-rotation in your planting cycle, so avoid growing collard or other Brassica-related crops more than once within three or four years. This will help lower the risk of disease infections!

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Posted 1 month ago