How to Fertilize and Mulch your Parsnips

Discover how to keep your parsnips healthy!
How to Fertilize and Mulch your Parsnips

Fertilizer and mulch are two important factors when it comes to gardening and caring for your crops. If you're wondering how to fertilize or mulch your parnips, check out our tips below!


Apply a quarter cup of a nitrogen-based fertilizer (21-0-0) per 10 foot of row. You’ll want to do this about six weeks after seedlings emerge, then again about four weeks later to encourage them to grow quickly. Place fertilizer to the side of the row, then water it into the soil. Keep in mind, though, that excess nitrogen causes excessive top growth and root forking.


Adding a layer of mulch – like grass clippings, leaves, straw, or newspapers - helps conserve moisture and reduce weeds around your parsnips. Mulch also cools the soil and reduces water stress. You can apply these materials during the summer once temperatures start to rise. Plants can be protected over the winter with a thick layer of mulch as well – typically, straw or compost works best.

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Posted 1 month ago