The Terms and Varieties of Kohlrabi

Get acquainted before you start growing your own!
The Terms and Varieties of Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is such a delicious (and funny-looking) root vegetable. It makes a great addition to vegetable gardens - but before you get started, discover some terms that will help you make the most of this crop!

Then, you can find out what your variety options are :)


  • Thinning: The process of gently removing seedlings at a certain growth stage to leave only the strongest and most mature plants behind. This encourages your plant to grow properly, and allows kohlrabi to thrive without any major competition.
  • Hardening-off: The process of getting seedlings used to outside conditions. By exposing your transplants to wind, sun and outside temperature every day for a few hours, it toughens them up and prepares them to survive outside.
  • True leaves: The first leaves that look like those of a mature kohlrabi plant. These true leaves are more firm, and have sharper edges as compared to the rounder and softer seedling leaves.
  • Annually grown: Plants that mature in one growing season and can be harvested at its end. In the case of kohlrabi, in grows fully within 40-60 days.


  • Early Purple Vienna: This variety has purplish leaves and bulbs with a mild turnip/cabbage flavor. It takes about 60 days to reach maturity.
  • Early White Vienna: Its round, light-green bulbs have a creamy and tender white flesh. This variety is quite heat tolerant and matures in 55 days.
  • Grand Duke: This one is the most disease-resistant compared to other varieties, and its pale green crisp bulbs are also the largest. It takes 45-50 days to become harvest-ready.
  • Kolibri: This variety has smooth bright purple skin with crisp white flesh inside. Its texture is similar to a crisp apple, and has mild brassica flavors. It takes about 55 days to mature.

Now that you know a little bit more about kohlrabi, as well as your variety options, you're all set to get started with this unique and tasty crop!

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